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Monthly Sri Lanka/Reviewing the past 10 years -Sri Lanka Project[Part4]

We could have supported to rebuild their lives of more than 167,000 IDPs and returnees for 7 years in the North and the East of Sri Lanka. We constructed 188 transitional shelters and 188 semi-permanent toilets. Also, we could clean 1,535 wells and renovated 1,275 wells, and constructed 13 common tube wells not only to assure safe water for domestic use, but also to be a base for restarting regular vocation towards farmers. Also, we could construct or renovate 16 culverts, which promoted marking and economic activities during rainy season. Also, we constructed 218 agro wells and formed the foundation for self reliance. Furthermore, we formed 204 well-maintenance committees (incl. 6 steering committees) for maintenance of the granted items, and formed 8 agricultural cooperatives and rehabilitated 12 fisherman’s unions for the community activation through fishery and agriculture.


Although there are still some areas in the north where people cannot return due to the unfinished land-mine removal, we have expanded our activity since 2014 to Kilinochchi District, way up north, to conduct self-reliance support for the returned people. We would like to express our appreciation for warm support given to us for 10 years. We, JEN Sri Lanka, will make an effort to support the self-reliance of more peoples. We will appreciate for your further warm support.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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