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Interview to a beneficiary in Kilinochchi District

We cultivate our own lands and get produces which is our only income.

As a beneficiary I participated in training workshops conducted by JEN. Telling about what I gained from trainings was that I occasionally participated in common meetings in the village in the past. But after the training workshops I use to participate in all the meetings convened in the village because I realized the necessity of what a villager can do by attending such meetings. 

Through attending such meetings and sharing ideas would help us to be a participant in the village development and also we get recognized to others which will make me a leader in some aspects to take part a responsibility in the development work.  Before we do anything we should PLAN is the best thing I learned.   Importantly, from the agriculture training I got knowledge in land preparation, making organic compost, pesticides, water saving methods, seasonal crops and many others. I did not know about harvesting, pest control, health issues etc. I started land preparation and compost making now. After I place seeds and replant long term plants I will practice all others what I learned.


The happiest situation in me is that JEN provided a sharing agro well, seeds, tools and specially trainings in farming. So “I have all requirements for cultivation is a pleasure”. Therefore I will do a good planning to do cultivate my garden and get high yield in future from which I will save money for my children’s needs.

[Compost making]

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May 28, 2015 in Sri Lanka |