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Rara festival

JEN participated Rara festival in Leogane, and promoted hand washing activity. 

Rara festival is the second biggest religious and cultural event in Haiti, followed by carnival, and held it every region. It is not a day event but it takes place through lent. Musicians play drums, trumpets, bamboo horns and dancing with a member of group. It can be seen small parades throughout every city. Leogane is the best known for its Rara in Haiti, it had a big festival on 5th April this year.

【Parade of Rara festival in the center of Leogane】

【Woman dancer in the parade】

Parade started from 6:00 evening and run until the next morning. Even though most people left the event because there was a heavy rain at midnight, many visitors crowded around the main street around 8:00 at night, and enjoyed seeing performance.

Our theme this time was “Rara is my culture, treated water + washing hand is my health”. JEN rented a stand and conducted hand washing promotion activities. We shared importance of hand washing with visitors and provided quiz regarding water and sanitation for children. When the answer was correct, we presented water purification tablets. In addition, we gave an opportunity to practice hand washing by using hand soap. Our keyword of participation in RARA festival was Haitian culture, water and sanitation. For JEN, it was great time since we interacted with many people and shared importance of water and sanitation.

【JEN’s banner 「Rara is my culture, treated water + washing hand is my health」】

【JEN staff supports a child to wash her hands】

【JEN staff who participated in hygiene promotion activity】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

April 23, 2015 in Haiti |