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Continue work being a mother

Mothers will understand well my article.

When I was leaving for my maternity leaves I decided that I will join office after 3 months.
That time I was not conscious of feelings being a mother.
I left office on 28th of November in my 37 weeks of pregnancy and I gave birth after 3 weeks on 15th of December. I came back to work at the end of March, just 3 months after my delivery.
After time passing the affection gets closer and closer, and at the time you can’t live without your baby.

The time comes to join the office and my 1st day was so disturbed.
I cried in the office washroom as much as I missed my baby. But beside of missing my baby I started work. I wasn’t able to sit on the desk because I want to become busy and avoid thinking about baby.
I received a duty from my supervisor to search a file in the cupboards of office and stock room.
I get busy with that but my eye was on the clock that when I will see my baby.

My colleagues are so supportive they permit me to visit my baby and feed her.
When I reach to see her she was sleeping and I came to know that she slept to missing me and cried a lot. The time was so hard I wept too and come back to my work. But still I want to continue my work as I wanted to be a part of my esteem organization, to be a professional lady beside of housewife.

I couldn’t eat well, I couldn’t sleep well, and I couldn’t concentrate well at my work. I resolute to give up and stay with my baby, it was difficult time and to carry on wasn’t feasible any more.

But somehow the second day was a bit change from the 1st one, the 3rd day was then change from the 2nd day and slowly I get better once decided that I can see my baby 2, 3 times during my work.

This is very difficult to work for 8, 9 hours then go home and to begin with your schedule in your home with taking care of baby as well.
And this is so funny then you are waiting for night hours to get rest and your baby is asking for milk 

Some time I feel that I am going to be crazy, but still the feelings are so strange I feel happy to become a mother and also to continue my work.
If I can handle this then I think every lady can manage. There are many working ladies who spend life like me to do job with babies.
My office, my colleagues give confidence to me, support me and my feelings.

I wish all sectors become cooperative with mothers.

Humaira Wahab
Administrative and HR Assistant


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