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A message from a student who participated in the hygiene education program

By January 2015 our program of hygiene promotion and hygienic environment improvement in the elementary and junior high schools in the central and the northern part of Iraq achieved much success. To encourage hygienic improvement for children, the toilets have been repaired in the three schools and the training for hygiene promotion was taken place in the eighteen schools. Those projects made about 10,400 students and teachers possible to  learn in the better hygienic environment.

We are currently working for the project in some schools, which have been accepting a huge number of refugees with the escalation of the military conflict since Jun 2014.

We have been conducting an investigation in order to pick up ten particular schools which need an urgent restoration, and been discussing about it with the ministry of education. We are also planning to restore those ten schools and organize hygiene education program with the purpose to maintain students’ health.

The following message is from a student who participated in the hygiene education program. We will continue our activities to encourage hygiene promotion and improve education environment in elementary and junior high schools in Iraq.

【From Ms. A (A junior high school student)】
In Diyala Prefecture, we have been struggling with many problems caused by the war and the unstable situation of the country. The war generated an increase number of widows and orphans and worsened education and hygienic situation. Many students could not graduate from school because of their daily difficulties
Despite these serious situation we are really appreciated with the JEN’s activities such as hygiene education and the distribution of hygiene goods, and also the support from Japan.

【at the teacher training】

【at the distribution of hygiene goods】

【at the hygiene education】


【We would like to ask for your assistance in our annual fundraising scheme.

April 2, 2015 in Iraq |