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The responses of the hygiene education training for school teachers

The project of the school environment improvement and hygiene education has been started in Charikar city and the Shinwari district in Parwan province on March 1st with your support.

This year we will work for improving the facilities of the water supply and hygiene equipment, and the school facilities at the three schools in those two districts. We will also conduct hygiene education program for the twenty schools in Charikar city and for clergies (mullah). Like our past support, these activities target to improve the hygiene environment for children and communities, and secure the safe and comfortable school environment for children.

This is the last year of our five-year project. Therefore, what is important is to strengthen the aspect of one’s self-independence in order that the staff members of the education department can continue to manage their work in schools and spread the hygiene education by themselves after we finish our activities. 

From the 3rd to the 19th of  May, we hold the three-day hygiene education training for all the 1,005 teachers from the twenty schools in Charikar city. Those teachers will pass this hygiene education on to their students in the class beyond 6 months. Now the class is ready to start.
At the training we saw that the teachers seemed to be very enthusiastic to learn. They understood the importance of hygiene education and promised to spread it among students and communities.

【The participants in the hygiene education training】



This is a voice from one of the teachers who participated in the hygiene education training.
Name: Ms. Rairaturu Kada (41 years old)
Occupation: a teacher from Jalali Hora high school in Charikar city 


  “Hygiene education is a very important thing in human life.
This training was interesting and became a good experience for me in learning about hygiene education. Especially the picked up points in the training such as Oral Rehydration Solution, water disinfecting method, hygiene during the menstrual period and the way to improve the hand-washing habit was new to me. I also learnt the importance for a whole community to undertake hygiene education.
Thank you for giving me a chance to learn about hygiene education.”

JEN Pakistan Office
Afghanistan Program Officer
Megumi Fujita   

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