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Protecting Important Source of Food Security

Around one million people got displaced from North Waziristan Agency due to Law enforcement action in the 2nd half of 2014. These TDPs (Temporary Dislocated people) brought with them approximately 350,000 livestock in hustle situations to the settled districts of KP including Lakki Marwat. It was a mountain high challenge for government and humanitarian actors to provide basic services to them like food, shelter, health and WASH facilities. On the other hand it was equally vital to protect their livestock from mortality and distress selling which was one of the important sources of their food security.   

JEN initiated an emergency livestock protection project in partnership with Emergency Response Fund of United Nations for 1200 HHs in district Lakki Marwat. Objective of the project was to improve food security of the displaced people through protection of their livestock from mortality and distress selling. A comprehensive livestock protection package was designed in coordination with Food Security Cluster and working organizations. The package was comprised of wheat straw, wanda, urea molasses blocks, minerals, and feeding/watering/milking kit. 

[Livestock Packages at distribution point]

Excerpts from one of the project beneficiaries Mr. Ishaq Jan follows; “I am very grateful to JEN for providing the help when no one was around to support me. I was at the edge to start selling my 3 cows one by one on very cheap prices. Their milk production was reduced by 2/3rd and it was difficult for me to arrange feed for them. This assistance has arrived just on time”.

[Mr. Ishaq Jan giving interview to JEN staff]

Dislocated people get production from their livestock such as milk, yogurt, cheese and meat. It contributes to their food security at large. Having inadequate resources in the area of displacement, they will need continuous assistance as long as they stay there.

[Meeting with displaced people in district Lakki Marwat]

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