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Monthly Sri Lanka/Reviewing the past 10 years -Sri Lanka Project[part2]

【7 years of support activities for IDPs and returnees in the eastern and northern region】

The conflict between Sri Lankan government and LTTE had intensified in the second half of 2006 and this lead up to 130,000 Tamils to become IDPs. After the conflict in the eastern region ended in July, 2007, homecoming officially completed by November, 2008. 

Batticaloa District in the eastern region was affected both by the massive tidal wave in December, 2004 and the conflict in 2006. Through that period, in this District, we implemented nutrition, health and hygiene activities. At the same time, we had provided counseling and conducted workshops toward revitalization of fisheries cooperatives since June ,2007.


And, we also implemented self-reliance support activities in Ampara District in the eastern region. These support activities were aimed to make the returnees to acquire ability to improve their lives cooperatively. Through building agricultural wells, providing water pumps and agricultural technical training, agricultural revenue became stabilized. Through building well maintenances committees, steering committees and agricultural cooperatives, returnees improved their lives. By the end of February, 2014, we saw the benefits of these activities. Therefore, we completed the last self-reliance support projects in this District.



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