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Hygiene promotion activity

JEN has started hygiene promotion activities in earnest from this month under the current on-going project. From among 6 project sites, we share an activity which was hold at an elementary school in Duplessis in Leogane in this article.

During our visit, 5 hygiene promoters explained how to wash hands and reasons why it is important to do it in each grade. After that, children practiced hand washing.

【Child practices hand washing】

【Washing hands carefully at the fingertip】

Many people suffer from diarrhea in the project sites. Their high risk behavior includes usage of the river water shared with livestock or washing clothes for the purpose of beverage, as well as keep water in unclean buckets and containers, when people got it back to home.

Other than washing hands, JEN provides some sessions such as using latrines, water collection, transportation, storage, through visits of schools, health centers and houses so that people recognize major risks and prevent deterioration of hygiene condition

【Hygiene promoter demonstrates hand washing with children】

【Children sing hand washing song】

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March 26, 2015 in Haiti |