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Distribution Vouchers of Winterization Items– Monitoring and Follow Up

After 3 weeks of a shopping period, JEN’s voucher distribution project for winterization items has finished. As of 5th March 2015, JEN confirmed that all vouchers distributed to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), they used to purchase winterization goods. To assess the impact on the project, JEN has started conducting a post-distribution monitoring.

From the preliminary feedback, IDPs received the vouchers used the money to purchase heaters, shoes, clothes and blankets to stay warm. When JEN staff visited the unfinished housing they live in for monitoring, we could clearly feel the change in the warmth of the house. They expressed that the items they bought were really helpful that the family was able to stay warm and healthy much more easily.

However, many challenges remain for the IDPs living in unfinished buildings, especially as they continue to face the risk of eviction by the building owner.  Processes for transfer to camps take some time and camps are running out of space to accommodate all of the IDPs living in unfinished buildings.

Though the voucher distribution project has been completed, JEN will continue to work in Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) to assist and respond to the needs of the IDPs as much as possible.

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March 12, 2015 in Iraq |