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Distribution of Water Pump

We, JEN Sri Lanka, have been constructing 38 agro wells in Mullative District and 10 agro wells in Killinochchi District.

[Agro well, constructed by JEN.  We will dig each hole10meters deep]150319_10m_3

[The well in process of construction]

Rainy season starts from October to March and dry season from May to September in the Northern Sri Lanka. But, recently the situation has been changing, where dry season might start earlier than usual, it’s been sunny every day since January this year.
During the dry season, the water level will be low. In the case, people need to pull out of the heavy bucket at almost 10 meters to fill the water with. This can be heavy work.

That’s why we’ve been distributing the water pumps

We would like to explain about ceremony of water pump distribution, held in 3 locations of Mullaitve District this time.

When we got close to the community hall in the area,

already many women have been waiting for us.

In this area, 1 well has been shared by 2-4 households.  Water pump with hose pipes have been handed over to each group, where they would share a well with

Mother, receiving a water pump with hose pipes 12meters long, looks happy

Carry the distributed item on the book rack on the back of the bike to the home

In this area, people sometimes carry the water from the common well, more than 500meters to 1km away from home.  Water will be used for not only domestic purpose, but also watering necessary to the agricultural crops. So, people need to go and return at some dozen times in a day. Even if the said works have been shared by the family members, still binding hours will be 5 to 6 hours in a day.  And, it is heavy lifting for the women and the old persons.

Also, in the dry season, the common well is dried up, where the people sometimes are completed to decrease the size of farming areas.  By constructing agro wells and providing enough water, JEN will keep supporting them to decrease their binding hours, and increase their crop yields, which leads to income increase.

It’s a throw-in.

The store, located close to the community hall. The shopkeeper is the mother, standing in front of the shop.  She is selling vegetables, soaps, drinks and ice polls (it’s inside of a white foam-made box front side)

The vegetables, selling at this shop

The vegetables, made by villagers, are sold at these kinds of shops.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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