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Deliver safe water in the camp

In Kurdistan, currently 24 IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camps have been functioned. It is very difficult to manage and operate such a huge number of camps by government only, so UN agencies as well as NGOs are working together with government.

JEN has just started to work and been in charge of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene related services in one camp in northern part of Kurdistan. In this camp, each tent which is allocated to one family has kitchen and toilet/shower unit. Water supply and sewerage systems are established. But not all facilities are fully equipped as the camp was constructed at a fast pace in order to immediately response the increasing influx of IDPs.

What is missing in water related facilities and equipment was water treatment system. So JEN installed chlorination systems into four wells in the camp in cooperation with Directorate of water.

The staff from Directorate of water is an experienced technician who has installed more or less all chlorination systems in this area. During the installation, tiny accident which water pipe spewed water happened and all of us got soaked. But it is well worth as we could deliver safer water to people in the camp.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

March 19, 2015 in Iraq |