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Avalanche in Afghanistan

Afghanistan remains one of the most vulnerable countries. The beginning of year 2015 is not good as massive avalanches in a valley not far from the Afghan capital have reportedly killed nearly 200 people, adding to a total of almost 250 deaths from the worst such snow slides in three decades in the country's mountainous northeast.


Rescue workers using bulldozers worked to clear roads to the Panjshir Valley area just northeast of Kabul — an area where villagers have been cut off for almost a week.
Panjshir province which is one the most affected provinces, reportedly five school buildings are fully damaged as a result of avalanche and land slide.


Currently air drop operation is ongoing, the Afghan National Army helicopters are dropping ready food for the affected families. Road clearance operation reached the center of the province. According to the authorities, the clearing operation need to be extended to reach to the most affected area which are located far in the mountains. More than 2,000 families in Bazarak and Baharak areas of the province are affected due to this disaster.



Afghan president said in an interview that the devastating avalanche requires three phase of intervention, first level is emergency response, second relief and 3rd which needs full involvement of international community, the reconstruction phase. In reconstruction phase the president asked to reconstruct the shelters as a new model in which the buildings could withstand against natural disasters.

JEN assessment team will assist the local authorities and UN teams to have a clear picture of the affected areas.

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March 12, 2015 in Afghanistan |