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Story of Mr. Rab Nawaz

I am Rab Nawaz inhabitant of village Kangan Shumali in district Muzafar Garh. After severe floods that happened in late 2014, destroyed my house, my small agriculture field and my community. I started living along with my family in a tent provided by a charity organization. We were so stressed when we were thinking about our destroyed home and field where standing crops were also destroyed. We were thinking how we will be able to restore our lives aftermath of the floods. But we were sure that there is a morning after every night and we also sure that God help the hardworking people and we are hardworking, so God will help us also.


One day JEN staffs came to our village and met my family. They said they are working in a Japanese organization and they came here from Islamabad to support us on behalf of the people of Japan. We were very happy that people from other province came to support us and people living in another country which is too far from Pakistan is also supporting us. They listened to my story keenly which reduced my stress that I was living with from several months. Later on, they provided me with winterized items and hygiene kit.

Earlier I was hardly managing my livelihood. Winter season was around the corner. Provision of non-food items by JEN has helped me and my native community to cope with the winter season. We are utilizing items provided by JEN and feel safe and protected.

I and my native villagers are very much thankful to JEN and Japan for their timely support. JEN tried to understand our situations and our issues. JEN’s efforts enabled us to live with dignity.   

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

February 26, 2015 in Pakistan |