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New project started - (3) Hygiene promotion activity -

This time, we introduce the third approach in new project, which is hygiene promotion activity.

In order to prevent waterborne diseases such as cholera, we currently disseminate appropriate hygiene knowledge to population in 6 communities.

In Haut Gerard and Bas Gerard, where we construct kiosk shaped water facilities in this new project, hygiene promotion volunteers are selected and trained. Then, they take place hygiene promotion session for local residents, and house to house visit at each community and school to distribute correct hygiene knowledge.

【Children are washing their hands】

We also continue hygiene promotion activities in 4 communities, where we have supported in previous project sites. In these communities, hygiene promoters are recruited among former hygiene volunteers. Through visit of schools and health centers, it is expected to spread the knowledge in the entire communities. At school, we take place hygiene promotion activities including washing hands, using latrines, etc. At health care centers, we set a washing hands stand at the waiting room. This opportunity allows us to provide proper information on various water borne diseases other than cholera and typhoid, and on prevention.

Through these activities, inhabitants in targeted communities recognize major risks and take necessary measures to prevent deterioration of hygiene condition, and use water treatment for improvement of their health.

【JEN staff are practicing hygiene promotion in the office】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

February 12, 2015 in Haiti |