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Livestock Protection Package for a displaced family with Polio affected Persons

Mr. Khana Mir is an elderly person displaced from North Waziristan Agency to district Bannu due to military operation. He is father of 3 sons and 2 daughters. Two of his sons are affected by polio virus aging 32 and 35. His third son is daily-wage laborer in the local market.

Mr. Khana Mir works as a security guard in a restaurant and earns 8000 PKR per month. Besides this he receives monthly food ration assistance from World Food Program. Government and other humanitarian organizations have also supported his family.

Mr. Khana Mir used to rear goats at origin as a primary source of livelihood. After displacement he managed to bring 58 sheep and 10 cows with him. He lost 15 sheep and 2 cows during displacement in a hip-hazard situation.

Mr. Khana is also a beneficiary of JEN Project on protection of livestock.  He received a livestock package from JEN. He provided nutritious feed to his livestock and enhanced the existing livestock shelter from the livestock package. JEN veterinary team vaccinated his livestock as well.

During post distribution monitoring Mr. Khana informed JEN staffs that provision of livestock package has given considerable protection to livestock in terms of health, shelter and feeding. Resultantly his livestock has recovered health and production of milk has increased by 8 liters. Increase in production of milk for Mr. Khana is contributing to food security of the entire family. 

[JEN staff with two polio affected people who are also project beneficiaries]



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