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Kabul city problems (air pollution)

Kabul province is one of the famous cities in our country and the city is surrounded by mountains. Around 4 million people live in Kabul city. As the effect of an increasing in population, Kabul city has caused many problems such as air pollution, increase of vehicles, housing shortage and high prices of rental homes in the city, which are problems with people living in the city.

One of the most serious problems is air pollution. The contamination is problematic for public health, and film hundred daily respiratory problems according to the hospital authorities. There are several causes of high air pollution in Kabul, for instance, lack of green place and the loss of trees, fuel of vehicles, smoke from factories near the town, in the absence of city power which leads majority people to use gas instead of using any other fuel like coal and wood to heat their homes, existence of garbage in the city, some of the crude roads, and other fundamental cases of air pollution in Kabul city. The government has not paid any attention yet.




Therefore we can say maybe it will be the first row of numbered air pollution in the world and we hope to have green and clean city in the future.

Administrative and Logistics Manager
Ahmad Fahim

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February 12, 2015 in Afghanistan |