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JEN’s Handicrafts Support Project Ends

On January 30, JEN hosted the last meeting of the handicrafts support project, bringing together handcrafters who exhibited their products. So far they had met to discuss how to organize their exhibitions at public meeting places in a community hall or public gymnasium, but, as this would be the project’s last meeting, they combined the meeting with a no-host luncheon party to celebrate the successful completion of the project.

【At a different place than usual, in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish】

During the meeting, JEN and the handcrafters agreed on who would take over JEN’s position and then JEN asked the handcrafters for frank feedback on this project, as well as to fill out a questionnaire. We heard them saying “My entry to the exhibition gave me an opportunity to find handicraft friends”; ”I found it so hard to sell my products, I’ve learned a lot.”; ”I’d been depressed after the earthquake, but this project encouraged me a bit.” Listening to them, we were really glad to have continued the project.

This project aims at promoting the empowerment of women through handiwork and putting in place a mechanism needed to ensure their self-sustaining and lasting business. JEN had worked on encouraging them to work in collaboration to run their businesses, and the last exhibition event hosted by JEN in last December showed that they would be able to do without JEN’s help. For details for the event in December, click here.

From 2015, they will make a fresh start of their businesses in Ishinomaki. We’d like to see and hope for their successful future.

【They put their sincerity into their handicrafts.】




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