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Impact of Hygiene Education in Society

In continuation of my previous blog, I would like to share with you some important outcomes of JEN hygiene education program. JEN targets children to teach the importance of hygiene early on so that it becomes a habit. Children are the most susceptible to hygiene-related disorders like skin issues, rashes, infections, wounds, etc. Teach them early on about what to avoid. Teach them that taking a few precautionary measures to prevent infections and diseases is imperative.

Focusing children also had in our mind that as they are most active members of the society, young and motivated, So for sure they not only will bring change in hygienic behavioral of their own but also demonstrate good hygiene to their families and communities.

To find out how much success we achieved in our goal a door to door was conducted in Surkh Parsa and Shikh Ali district in January 2015 that whether children passed on this information to their families or not. In total 72 respondents were questioned in the survey.



98.61% respondents said that they receive the hygiene education messages from their children. The survey further reveals that parents got the message well because 100% know that unsafe water cause diarrhea. 100% respondents said that we should wash hands before eating and after using latrines. According to the survey 100% of the respondents said that we can make the water clean by boiling while 83.33% of them said that by chlorination the water can be safe for drinking.

According to the survey 100% respondents said that we cover our food. Among them 38.8% said that we cover it to make the food safe and healthy while 29.1% said that we cover the food to protect it from germs and insects. Some of them said that now we take much care of our personal and environmental hygiene which has a very good impact on the lives of the community health and hygiene.

It is clearly evident from survey results that JEN hygiene education programme has a great impact on the lives of community people. It is also evident that not only children got these massage well but they also passed on these information to their family members in a good manner.

Samar Butt
Finance and Accounts Assistant

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February 26, 2015 in Afghanistan |