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New project started - (2) Reactivation, Training, capacity building and strengthening of Water Management Committees (WMCs)-

Last time, it has been presented concerning the construction of kiosk style water facility. However, it cannot provide safe water constantly without proper system.

At the present, the population in Haut Gerard in Leogane uses only half of water facilities due to damages of some parts such as pipes. In Bas Gerard in Grand Goave, there are some water leakages from private water network, which wastes water and causes unequal distribution of water among the population.

In the above 2 project sites previously had a WMC, we reactive and train the WMCs to be able to manage water facility sustainably. For instance, we start by collection of subscription fee for usage of water facility. In addition, WMCs will take initiative to make a policy into WMC’s guidelines in order to manage properly.

Secondly, we chose 4 communities where the population has more potential to affect the strengthening of management capacity. In these areas, JEN community mobilisers visit the sites basically once in every two weeks for monitoring, and if there are problems in the field, the mobilisers encourage WMCs to make an effort for good management.

[Explaining the way of the maintenance system works and its role to local residents]

At the end of project, 6 WMCs will be continuously active, and fee for water usage will be accumulated and pooled in each WMC so that they can manage the maintenance of water facilities by themselves

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January 29, 2015 in Haiti |