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Ordinary and Extraordinary life

Since new year, several incidents related to Islamic extremist have been broadcasted.

Here it is business as usual. One of staff buys onions on the way back from the field for his mother (According to her, onions in the area is more testy than others). One of staff’s relatives was injured during fighting. One staff is glad to hear the news that gasoline price will decrease. One of staff’s sister’s husbands is still in Mosul. One of staff is weary of his parent’s pressing him for marriage. Staff in Baghdad is working there in fear and dread. And Female staff in Jordan avoids going out during the nights.

This is what one is living in the middle East, nowadays. They are having their ordinary daily life as us who live in Japan, while they are living with extraordinary circumstance where we cannot imagine.
Since the end of last year, JEN has been started winterization assistance for IDPs. We are preparing the operation for that IDPs will be able to exchange from vouchers to the materials such as oils, kerosine stove, and carpets etc.. for that IDPs need to survive the cold winter. JEN will steadily keep continue to work for people who are suffering.

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January 29, 2015 in Iraq |