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New project started  - (1) Ensuring access to safe water-

JEN Haiti has started a new water and sanitation and hygiene project over 10 months from 7th November 2014, with financial assistance of Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and support from the people of Japan.
This project consists of three components. This time, we introduce one of three components; ensuring access to safe water.

At present, local population uses unclean water source due to lack of latrines and sewage system in Haut Gerard in Leogane and in Bas Gerard in Grand Goave, in the west department of Haiti. Therefore, we plan to renovate from 9 existing fountains to 10 kiosk shaped water facilities in these 2 areas.

【Existing fountain in Bas Gerard】

What is kiosk shaped water facilities?
Kiosk is the box-shaped building with 2 to 4 pieces of faucet. Water supply is controlled by the keeper inside of kiosk. Inhabitants pay 1 HTG (0.02 USD) per bucket. 

【Kiosk in the previous project】

Advantages of kiosk
(1) It is expected that the long-term sustainable maintenance by water management committees through introduction of the fee collection system.

(2) Prevention of wasting water and protection of water borne diseases because the supply of water can be controlled by water management committees.

10 kiosk shaped water facilities will be completed by August, and these are used by local people.

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