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Living as internally displaced people – outside camp

Iraq Crisis triggered by the fall of Mosul in the beginning of June 2014. Currently around 2 million peoples are displaced across Iraq. Here in Kurdistan region of Iraq is a last resort for many Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqi people because it enjoys relatively stable security situation and it is located close to Syrian as well as Northern Iraq controlled under the armed group. Internally displaced people in Kurdistan reach 1 million now.

Where are people living in Kurdistan? Hotel? Rented apartment? Relatives’ houses? Yes, some of them. But many people were living in unfinished buildings, schools and public buildings when initially they came to Kurdistan. There were nearly 1,000 distinct locations in Kurdistan. Now new camps had been established and many people have moved to the camps, but around 120,000 people are still living in such unsecured places.

【Unfinished building in Duhok where displaced people are living】

These unfinished building with roof could shut out the rain, but temperature inside the building is same as outside. Inside the building, people have pitched a makeshift tent.

【Kitchen floor where cartons are laid down due to the lack of carpet】

The floors are either bare concrete or just ground. The chill is always coming from the ground. No sunshine can reach inside, so rooms are too freezing even during day time. Some family put carpets on the floor. Some are just using cartons.

No shower available. People boils water by wood fire or gas stove and wash body in separated place. As for toilet, some has portable toilet provided by humanitarian agencies. Some are using public toilet near their location. Some just do outside.

People came here over through very hard time. It is not easy at all to live here as well. But they are not crying, but living with much efforts and struggles. They are doing whatever they could to make their life comfortable and same as life which they used to have in their place of origin such as building toilets, making bread oven and so on.

【Bread oven made of mud, called Tannur】

The temperature drops to around zero degree during night.  Under the same environment as outside, heating equipment is necessary. Kerosene heater and kerosene are the most needed items for people.

Kurdistan regional government and humanitarian agencies have been distributing the necessity items to people fled with few belongings. In addition, Kurdish families around such unfinished buildings have also helped them a lot. But it is not easy to reach all people in needs as their location are significantly scattered. By receiving Japan Plaform support, JEN will distribute the voucher which can buy winterization items such as kerosene heater, kerosene, carpets etc. according to their individual needs. 

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

January 8, 2015 in Iraq |