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Living as internally displaced people - inside camp -

Since June 2014 when many Iraqi people fled to Kurdistan region, it is the first priority for government and humanitarian agencies to provide safe and secured shelters to people. There were a few camps in September 2014, but now 23 camps are operational.

Chamishku IDP camp, located in the north of Duhok governorate was opened in the beginning of November 2014. It has accommodated around 25,000 people and is one of the biggest camps in Duhok governorate.

【Chamishku IDP camp in Duhok】

One tent and one unit for kitchen and sanitary facility is allocated to each family. Government and humanitarian agencies are providing several services to people.

People living in unfinished building could be relocated to camps on a priority basis, but there is not enough capacity in camps to accommodate all people yet.

On the other hand, some choose to stay in unfinished building, instead of moving to camps. Father of five children, living with wife, children and relatives in unfinished building in Duhok, decided to stay there even though they were offered to move to camps. He knew that living condition in the camp is better than there. But he didn’t. This is because he wanted his teenage son to keep attending school. Out of 11 schools in Duhok, No of them has school yet.
The minimum necessary service has been provided in the camps. The expand and upgrade of the education service are needed for people who have been displaced for more than 6 months.

Children should be ready for the coming return to their home and for the future of their community.

【IDP Children】

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