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Capacity Building of the staff

JEN is working for the poor and needy community of Afghanistan. JEN builds capacity of the staff to provide best possible support to the community. Every year JEN arrange different types of trainings to enhance the capacity of the staff. Since joining JEN I attended several trainings which greatly helped me to increase my knowledge. Some of the important trainings are mentioned in the following paragraph.

In 2013 and 2014 different types of trainings were arranged for the staff.

I attended training on Project Cycle Management in 2013. The training was much informative and helped me in understanding the different phases of the project.

In February 2014 training on report writing and communication skills was arranged for both Afghanistan and Pakistan staff. Main purpose of the training was to improve the report writing and communication skill of the staff which will help in improving performance of the staff and organization.

In September 2014 I attended a three day workshop on Monitoring & Evaluation in Islamabad. The training mainly focuses on the role of monitoring & Evaluation in the project design. The training greatly helped me to understand these concepts and enable me to give my inputs in the proposal preparation.

In November 2014 two training were arranged for Afghanistan staff in Kabul. First training was regarding the Report writing which helped them in improving their report writing skill. The other training was related to Monitoring and evaluation. The main purpose of the training was to enable the staff to properly monitor the projects. The training also helped the staff members to participate in the proposal writing for 2015. It also helped the Afghanistan staff to evaluate the projects and identify their weaknesses as well as best practices. These trainings improve the performance of the staff which had direct impact on the performance of the organization. Apart from that a basic first Aid training and security training was also given to the staff to ensure their safety and security.

Hanief Khan,
Senior Programme Assistant,

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