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Campaign of vaccination children against measles

Iraqi Ministry of Health carried out a vaccination of children against measles for the period from 21th to 30th on December, 2014. The campaign was targeted the children from the age of 9 months and up to 5 years. The Ministry of Health launched a campaign to sensitize citizens and urge them to vaccination their children. The campaign was included the installation with a large advertisements in major streets in Iraqi cities as well as the announcement of the campaign and its importance in the television channels.

[Advertisement in major streets]

JEN has been conducting hygiene promotion through our projects. JEN has given great importance to raise awareness against this disease through a training curriculum for teachers using training materials.

[Part of the training materials for teachers writing about disease]

Also, JEN has been made the awareness booklet for school children with allocation of a full-page about disease. The booklet is given with the definition of the disease and its danger such as considering transitional viral diseases and infectious. And, it is mentioned that there is high risk especially among schoolchildren or among children in the same family, and if who cannot be treated, they can lead to death.

[Part of the booklet about disease for school children]

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