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The Hardiness on the Iraqi refugees

The Iraqi refugees undergo very hard condition special in the camps (cold weather , hungering , bath crisis ) .

In Erbil the queue against the bath is too long , some of them have to wait for 10 hours to get shower. High number of refugees use  very little baths. 1500 baby and children have died in the camps since June 10th till now. In Khaniqen the refugees ministry install the baths and latrines after one month from the refugees habitation.

In Erbil & Khaniqen camps most of the refugees eat one or two times of meals per day, because of the money shortage. Most of them received only 1 million ID ( 800$) before three months and the kerosene crisis (10 liters /month for the family , cooking and warming) . Many diarrhea and catarrh cases are caused in the camps because of the cold weather, no kerosene and little blankets. The weak treatment and shortage of medicines make several problems like 180 aborting cases in all the camps besides the bad eating and other bad conditions.

In Khaniqen camps, the scorpions and snakes diffuse and afflicting  many number of refugees with no coping till now and these blight threat thousands of IDPs in Khaniqen . There are 20 children who run away from the terrorist dead in Al Anbar in the middle of desert because of hunger and parching .    

[Water drinking in Khaniqen]

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December 4, 2014 in Iraq |