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Provision of agricultural items

We provided agricultural tools, vegetable seeds and long term plants on the middle of November.

Concretely, we provided:

- Barbed wires for farmland to protect it from animals
- Hoes
- Sprayer for organic pesticide
- Vegetable seeds (chili, eggplant, long bean, ladyfinger, tomato, snake ground, green leaves, corn and black gram)
- Long term plants (coconut, jack fruit, lime, orange, mango, pomegranate, drum stick and papaya)

Vegetable seeds, long term plants and sprayer were provided to apply knowledge we provided through agricultural workshop soon.

[Barbed wires and a hoe]

[Vegetable seeds, long term plants and sprayer]

In fact, NGO can’t provide items freely in Sri Lanka.
The government checks the items and the administrator of the division witnesses the distribution.
The date when the administrator can’t attend it can’t be set as the distribution day.
The place to deliver them is designated at the front of the administration office.
In case of distribution of heavy items, we can’t deliver them to houses of beneficiaries directly.
We provided 2 rolls of barbed wire weight 25 kg per roll this time and gave them in front of the office to the beneficiaries.
The beneficiaries know the situation well and arrange a tractor as the common transportation.

[Common use of the transportation for heavy items]

Administration and Finance Officer: Nasuda

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