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My Work Experience with JEN

I am Diko Thomas Marco. I am a driver working for JEN in South Sudan, at Yei Office. I started working with JEN from 7th August, 2014. First and for most, I was very glad when I received an offer for the position as a driver. As a driver, I facilitate the movement of the staffs to the field every day and I really enjoy driving as my professional. I like working for JEN in South Sudan because JEN operates in my home area Yei where my family is living. Before that, I was working in Juba where life was hard and I was separated from my family.

[From left to right are the driver, Mr. Diko Thomas, the guard, Enock Malish (center) and the mechanic/driver, Mr. Batali Bosco .]

In my time with JEN, I learned many things including WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) activities like washing hands with soap after visiting latrine or before eating anything, learning about pump mechanic activities like repair of bore holes, pump mechanic tools like pipe range, vise, G pipes, connecting rods etc. Below Picture shows such scene. We, the drivers, have also seen several places in which we have never visited before like local primary schools.

[Mr. Batali Bosco, the driver. During pump mechanic practical work on the repair of the bore hole in Otogo Payam and that makes the drivers learn JEN activities in the field. ]

There are the issues/challenges emerging while engaging to duties on driving.  Those include the difficulty of travel due to bad roads especially during rainy season and due to some troublesome bridges to cross, and so on. Those issues would be tackled by sharing and exchanging the information among drivers.

[The driver, Bidali Bosco, in blue t-shirt. This is the nature of the roads we travel during dry or rainy season.]

Written with assistance of other drivers Batali Bosco, Francis Yenki and Bidali Bosco, and compiled by the supervisor, the Logistic Officer, Lujang Robert Stephen.

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