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Greeting from new staff

Bonjour!! Tout le monde. My name is Yasutaka Sano. I’m newly appointed for JEN Haiti office from 8th December.

Here in Haiti, temperature during the day time goes up to 30℃ and I get sweat a lot even when I just stay under the sun. It is enough to wear T-shirts and short pants even in winter. Compared to Japan, the climate here is more comfortable.

Although I currently work in the office in Leogane city, I go to the capital city to purchase office supplies and to work on admin issues a couple of days per a week. The capital city of Haiti, Port au Prince, is geographically close to the sea and mountains. There are many slopes in the city. When we look down the beautiful sea from a hill, we can realize here is one of the Caribbean countries.

[In Port au Prince]

Along with daily work, I tackle French and Creole to improve communication with local staff and beneficiaries. I have just started to work here, and I sincerely pull my weight first and I hope to contribute to as many people as possible through our project.

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December 25, 2014 in Haiti |