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Girls Education in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan the life is not easy for girls and women, but there is also a place for hope as there is great potential and energy in the women.

In our war torn country where the generations deprived from education for decades and education was often not an option for girls in that timeframe.

In last 13 years the government of Afghanistan prioritized education and implemented various strategies for it but due to security and other challenges didn’t able to reach targeted goals.
Nevertheless it’s mentionable that the education sector has developed, but it is undeniable that Afghan girl’s education progress has not reached the projected level yet.

The highlighted challenges among girl’s education development in Afghanistan are security, school buildings and facilities, Violence, lack of female teachers and textbooks, culture, distance of schools, teaching materials and equipped laboratories.

According to government figures that among school age children approximately 20 percent do not have access to schools most of which are girls.

We are optimistic because the new Afghan Government has vision of increasing the literacy in Afghanistan and they want a special focus on women’s education.




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December 25, 2014 in Afghanistan |