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For Coming Year 2015

There are still fights against the armed group to liberate occupied lands in Iraq, and the displacement of more than two million people to other areas of Iraq. Most of them fled to the Kurdistan region and others are in provinces of the central and southern Iraq where they live under difficult circumstances, especially now in the winter. IDPs are suffering from the rigors of the cold and heavy rains, the lack of financial resources to sustain their lives, the loss of the opportunity to continue study for thousands of students. The economic conditions have been sharply decreased in Iraq because of the low oil price and its production. And there are kidnappings and extortion practiced by the powerful militias.

In spite of crisis in Iraq, the Iraqi people insist on New Year's Day celebration, where Christmas trees erected in many streets of Kurdistan region and Karrada district in Baghdad. Many shops put Christmas decorations, supplies and clothing belonging to this occasion. The clubs and big hotels compete to announce the concerts that will be held in New Year's Eve, especially in Kurdistan Region which is characterized by stability and security.  This indicates that the Iraqi people is alive and loves life and trying to come out of the crises and back to what it was in security ,economic and social stability, rejecting sectarianism and division among the components of society. Add to that, this occasion is one of the opportunities for tolerance and resolve differences.


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