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Construction of a water tank has been completed!!

JEN Haiti office has constructed a water tank at Mathieu, Leogane commune in West Department of Haiti. This water tank has a capacity of stocking 84 m3 of water. It functions with gravity; that means that it is not necessary to use electricity to deliver water to water networks and water facilities. The construction started from May 2014 and finished late September of the same year.

[In the beginning of construction]

[Construction of columns for water tank]

[Construction of wall]

[Constructiono of wall]

[Inside of water tank]

[Putting concrete]

[Water tank constructed]

This water tank was constructed with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and our supporters. The water tank is indispensable to deliver safe drinkable water to people in Mathieu.

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December 11, 2014 in Haiti |