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6th "Handicrafts market, Hands-on exhibition in Ishinomaki" Takes Place!

On December 13, the sixth "Handicraft market, Hands-on exhibit in Ishinomaki: Making Handcrafting into Jobs", an event aimed at giving a leg up to women who do handicrafts in Ishinomaki, was held at the central office of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives in Ishinomaki, Nakazato Agricultural Cooperative Hall (for more information on the fifth event on July 12 is available here.

Blessed with fine weather, the event attracted many repeat visitors who love crafts, a flow of visitors continuing until its closing time.

【The theme of the event was “Christmas and New Year.” ♪】

【The appeal of this event is that you can talk to handcrafters directly.】

【Some come to the event to take part in a hands-on exhibition.】

JEN’s handicrafts support project for 2014 aims at promoting the empowerment of women through handiwork and putting in place a mechanism needed to ensure women’s self-sustaining and lasting business by developing a network of contacts.

It all started with craft workshops held at temporary housing and public meeting places in disaster affected areas, and some female workshop participants there who wanted to go up to a higher level have found a market for their products, making their hobby into a job.

Monthly meeting run by female handcrafters who exhibit the event is not only a place to discuss event implementation, but it’s one to improve their knowledge and skills necessary to sales under guest teachers or even one to share information on developing sales.

【Workshop on good-mannered services: they are doing a role-play about taking care of a customer.】

On November 15-16, there held a craft fair at Sun Park in Aeon Mall Ishinomaki. “Handicraft market committee” set up by the representatives of the female handcrafters arranged the fair in a new and different way that “Everyone sells everyone else’s product”, enhancing cooperation among the handcrafters. During the fair the handcrafters worked together on site management, product inspection, accounting operation and so on. Having diverse customers and selling others’ products seemed to have given them opportunities to learn a great deal.

【The fair had a powerful advertising effects to those who hadn’t know the market at JA Ishinomaki!】

From next year the female handcrafters are going to come to host the event by themselves. We hope them to fully demonstrate what they have gained through their experiences so far.

【A commemorative photo after the event on December 13♪: Good luck, Keep up the good job!!】

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