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The Iraqi Refugees lives in abominable conditions

A large number of Iraqi refugees families are not only in Erbil of Kurdistan region, also other region such as in Khaniqen of Diyala province, and there are the resident in a marquees for the refugees. Those marquees are prepared by Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MoDM). But they have no water proof efficiency, even the refugees resident in Khaniqen is in the rain line (the region has a heavy raining every year).


On October 17th, there had rain and we noted a floating in this area. When the rain water entered these marquees, the refugees pulled their beds out of the marquees and some of them were left in this camp and other still under the rain.



Due to the humid clay land, MoDM cannot bring the logistic service to them like foods, drinking water and other needing … 12 thousands families faces a danger in this camp. Diyala  governorate council consider that the location of Khaniqen is a large mistake for the refugees camp, because the large number of scorpions and snakes in this region and the refugees are suffering with several high risks of their lives.




MoDM clear at the middle of November will prepare 20 thousands of a water proof marquees and have a 5 persons capacity , but during this period these refugees are suffering a difficult conditions and this marquees number are not enough for the Iraqi refugees who don’t have a good marquees yet. The basic solution for the refugees is to come back for them houses but the terrorist extend their area more than the first. About half of the Iraqi refugees children are not going to the schools because of the far distance between them camps and the cities and till now the government don’t make an impermanent schools for the camps.   


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