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The Iraqi Refugees Suffering


The Iraqi refugees undergo from several problems without solutions for them from the government or from the human organizations.

The families need to make long distance to buy food and other supplies from the near market. Many families suffer from carrying their needs because they do not have car. On the other hand, the refugees do not have enough money to purchase all their needs.      

The refugee families from Al Mousil and Tekrit from June till now  received only one million Iraqi dinars ( 825 $) which  enough the family for only one month and most of them came carrying only the summer clothes ….they don’t have the cost of the winter clothes.


Now in winter the families don’t have the kerosene or gasoline or electrical energy for heating, they are going for far distance to get the trees twigs and burn it inside the marquee for warming. They using a small kerosene cooker for cooking , because of the twigs burning and kerosene cooker many marquees was firing in the camps such as in Erbil ,  all of them don’t have a marquees against burn to avoid the burning dangerous .


From  December 2013 till now all the camps don’t have a temporary schools , the students in these camps loose two years from them scholastic life. If the students want to go to a nearest schools , the families must have a car and get their children to a nearest village or city but most of them a poor families don’t have cars , and some camp the families cannot going readily outside the camp .


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