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Improving Children’s Park to Restore Their Associations

In the city of Ishinomaki, children have difficulty finding outdoor spaces where to play, because not just many of its parks are still left unrestored after being raged through by the tsunami but baseball parks or sports ground were used to set up temporary housing for disaster victims.

When JEN conducted a questioner to children in elementary and middle schools and interviewed their parents this year, many of those questioned voiced an opinion that “The tsunami have taken decent places for children to play away.” In response, JEN is now restoring two parks at Kamikama district in Ishinomaki after carrying out a research at about seventy smaller parks on what kinds of need for parks communities have, how many children will play in parks, and whether there are any play spaces nearby.

●Ongoing Construction Work●

The neighborhood association of Kamikama district has had an intention to revive its children’s association in next spring that engages in activities to contribute the sound growth of children, for the activities of the association is now practically suspended due to the effects of the disaster. Therefore, JEN is helping the members of the neighborhood association bring the activities of the children’s association back into the district by restoring a park along with them.

In the hope of building a park for their children, the members of the neighborhood association talked many times among them about park restoration, providing a variety of ideas. Before the groundwork of the construction work, many of the members and their children weeded.

●They are in a meeting.●

●They are weeding.●


●Radio gymnastic exercises●

During the summer vacation in August, a total of seventy parents and their children in the district did exercise to radio at the park every morning as they used to before the disaster, although the park was yet to be restored [The Japanese students have a custom to gather in a park early in the morning on their summer vacation to do exercise, but the district had been forced to give up keeping the custom due to the disaster.].

The neighborhood association and children’s association are now regaining their energy little by little by working together on restoring their park.

The construction work of the two parks will be completed by December 7. On the day, the children and their parents will put the finishing touch on the park by assembling benches, doing painting, and planting, then a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the park will be performed. A workshop on the importance of being well mannered and obeying rules in the park and a luncheon party are also planned for the ceremony.

JEN will continue helping communities create a town comfortable for children.

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