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“Hamakon 2014 in Oshika Peninsula”, Matchmaking Event at Seaside Community

On Saturday November the 1st and the 2nd, the second “Hamakon 2014 in the Oshika Peninsula” took place in the Oshika peninsula in the city of Isbinomaki of Miyagi prefecture.

In line with locals’ request and cooperation, Hamakon was designed to address challenges including the outflow of population from the Oshika peninsula, the declining birth rate and aging population, and the difficulty of finding fishery successors. It’s an event set in the Oshika peninsula that provides a chance for unmarried men and women to meet their partners.

This year’s event drew nine men from the Oshika peninsula and nine women from across the country. The male participants, receiving prior instruction, had a united effort to pump up the event. Thanks to the cooperation of local residents, the event could let the female participants see many interesting places in the Oshika peninsula and learn how wonderful the nature of the Oshika peninsula is.

On the first day, the participants had a face time by introducing themselves and playing games at Meguro, a guest house featuring fine Japanese kappo cuisine at Obuchihama in Oshika peninsula. We believe the female participants liked locally-hauled fish and seafood for dinner. After the dinner, the participants got along great and were excited at chatting, smiling faces being seen everywhere.

On the second day, first, the female participants visited Yagawahama to listen to women who got married fishermen there talk about what it’s like to be wives of fishermen over barbecued locally-hauled ascidians and scallops. Their next visit was “Sant Juan Park.” Under calm weather, the event went on as scheduled; get-to-know time for the male participants to approach the female participants was followed by free conversation time where they played games or had lunch, and finally came the time for male participants declare their love for female participants, writing someone in mind on cards. Five couples were formed. Congratulation!

【They introduced themselves.】

【A couple rang the bell of happiness.】

A women in her 30’s made a comment: “I had felt uneasy about whether I could find a right man for me until I came here, but I was able to find out more about the man who I came to get with. I had a good time enjoying chatting and participatory games. Thank you.”

【What kind of family do you want to raise?】

For the newly-formed couples this encounter is not a destination but only the first step to get married. JEN continues to keep a close eye on them and hosting those events so that you can see much more people’s happy smiles in the seaside communities.

Organizers: JEN, ZWEI CO.,LTD
Partner: Yahoo Japan Corporation
Sponsor: The City of Ishinomaki, the Oshika Branch of Ishinomaki City, Ishinomaki Tourist Association, Miyagi Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations

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