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Fall in Surkhi Parsa

Fall has always been my favorite season, the time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. But is it a beauty in my country Afghanistan? Or is it in where I work, a little corner called Surkhi Parsa with diver’s challenges of security and economic failures? Where I am talking about is the district of poverty and lack of access to means of heating the houses during early winters naturally coming into those high altitude areas.
Fall is with presence of beauty but no one can see it. Fall is bursting all its beauty but concerns of lacking food and fuel and snow that destroys the weak structure of buildings are not allowing the people to look at the beauty and enjoy it.

The most positive one to think of winter and fall is children who are playing with snow, taking the last potato after harvest and cook it in the oven and eat it.
They go to mosques where are used as winter schools and study, although that part is for sure not very interesting for them.

I share two photos of fall season in which I enjoy when I rest and look at the range of countless colors, I see trees like a person who is coming to an end of life, I respect every single leaf in trees like a wise old man, with lots of experiences but soon will fall my short days coming to evening with my own thinking.



For me it is joy but how about for a former who planted the tree? He is waiting leaves to fall down and collect them for use of fuel and heating in his house. For the former, it is a tragedy that only his five to ten trees stopped producing fruit for his children who have only access to fruit from that trees.

For the former real tragedy starts as days get short and he is not able to work enough out from his form and bring food to his family. Long nights to the lady of the house means that she must stop working like weaving and spanning the yarn for making  sweaters for the children, as means of light is not accessible to allow continuation of work during night time and cope the dark

Life challenges prevent enjoying every one from the nature by one or other way. Everyone gets their own issues from the wealthy to the poor.

Waheed Ahmad
Admin and IT officer

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November 27, 2014 in Afghanistan |