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Agricultural workshop

We held an agricultural workshop on 11th Nov.
This workshop intends to maximize a function of agro well JEN constructs and gain the income efficiently.
The contents are:

- Land preparation
- How to make organic compost
- How to make organic pesticide
- Water management on agriculture
- Pest control
- Method and timing of cultivation
- Health problem on agriculture

The half day is for lecture in a room and another is for practice in field.

We frequently and closely have contacted to local agricultural department. As the result of communication, they have cooperated with us and provided the instructor for the workshop and the agricultural training center as the venue.
Especially, Sri Lankan agriculture is trying to shift from chemical pesticide to organic pesticide due to health problem by the chemical. This background may push the local government to help JEN have provided organic agriculture for long time.


And then the each theme put group work into center to understand the contents well and to keep their concentration.

[Practice of making organic compost]


[Practice of making organic pesticide]

On middle of December, we have a plan to provide marketing workshops to maintain their income efficiently from their cultivation.

Administration and Finance Officer: Nasuda

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