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Volunteer Work Turns into a New Style: 12th “Let’s go to the sea!”

On Monday the 8th and Tuesday 9th of September, “Let’s got to the sea!” was held at Ishinomaki, Miyagi.

The event for the twelfth time was carried out featuring assistance in purifying a festival site and helping organize it, a tour to temporary quarter sites, and fishing experiences at Kyubunnhama. There had been worries whether the event could attract participants for it was timed on weekdays to coincide with the festival, but a total of twenty-one students who were still on summer vacation came to join the event from Aomori in the north from Hiroshima in the south.

Here is a run-down of what the lads who will shape this nation’s future saw and felt through experiences in this event.

“This event help me get more understanding of the present situation in disaster areas; hearing about local's actual experiences straight from their own mouth, being allowed to see the insight of their makeshift quarters, I was deeply shocked; this volunteer activities hit home.”

【The participants toured makeshift quarters.】

“I learned livening up local events can be an assistance; I think there is so much we can do, I’ll tell my friends what I experienced here so that many people may pay more attention to Tohoku.”

【The participants join a traditional local festival.】

Coming and seeing Tohoku brought me a lot of discoveries; such as bringing smiles to locals’ faces can make a difference, the importance of doing so, the importance of appreciating those who grow and harvest each food; instead of giving volunteer assistance, I could have an opportunity to learn life lessons.”

【The participants are experiencing fishing.】

Wrapping up the two-day event, they went home with lessons they could learn all the more because they came to affected areas.

【I’ll come again!】

Next event will be held in December when oysters are in season. We are looking forward to those who haven’t participated in this event.

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