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The teaching in debarking

From the UNESCO report before 1991, it was considered that the teaching in Iraq was the best in the middle east. The primary schools are consisted all the kids that mean, there are no kids in the age of primary don’t enter the school and the number of illiterates reached to zero.   

After the gulf war the teaching continuous in debarking from 1991 till now, the UNESCO report considered the teaching in Iraq now is taken with third position from the bottom in middle east at the teaching field. There are 48 thousands students leaving the schools and departing to the work at different jobs. This number is forming 5% from the total numbers of the kids at the age of schools from the first primary to the 12 secondary.

More than 500 teachers were killing in the last 10 years; this caused falling in the teaching level, falling in the teacher’s ethics.

The falling in teaching aptness is one of the causes to debarking the teaching level. From these reasons above, we see a continuous rising in the ratio of the illiterates in Iraq, at the last competed statistical from the two ministries (education and high education) 74% from the age 15-24 years do not able to read and writing. One of the important reasons is the co acting of the militias and parties on the teaching field and they have low aptness to directed the teaching field … the result from these reasons can be the illiterates continuous to rising.   

[High No. in classrooms]

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