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The Iraqi refugees

The United Nations said that more than 1.8 million person leave them cites from the killing of combat and bombarding, 850 thousands from them in Kurdistan governorates. 

With the start of the new scholastic year there are many millions of students moving toward their schools. The scholastic year in Kurdistan must starting in 10-09-2014 and in the other governorates in 21-09-2014.

There are a problem in Baghdad and many suburbs around Mousil and around Salah Al Den as thousands families from Al Mousil or Salah Al Den are using the schools as shelter from the hot weather of summer and the high rent of housing. Many students cannot go back to school.

The government does not have any plan to housing them in caps and saving the water and food for them.

The other problem is the students whom leave them cities cannot going to their schools and the government cannot provide places in the schools for the refugees because of the high number of them.

The problem will be more complexity if the government compel the hundreds thousands families to leave the schools without make space for them in camps. There is a statistical from Kurdistan that 280 thousands refugees are housing in 630 schools only in Duhok .Kurdistan government says that there will be new camps in the next months to housing the refugees, but it is a remaining problem of the schools in the suburbs around Diyal , Salah Al Den , Samaraa and Al Mousil .


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