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The Distribution Pattern


With the start of new project, JEN field team sat together to formulate pattern/model for distribution of livestock feed package and temporary shelter due to the fact the package is a heavy one i.e. 5 bundles/packets of wheat straw, 2 bags of vanda, one tarpuline sheet with 10 bamboos and 350ml (2 bottles) of de-wormers for one family. It was decided that one side the field team (including technical staff) will engage the beneficiaries in awareness sessions, registration and signing of distribution documents and on the other side logistic team will prepare the per family packages. The distribution points were carefully selected keeping in view the space needed as per number of households for each distribution. It was decided to go for 200 households per distribution. So far distribution has been done for 400 households.

The first distribution point was only enough to accommodate 200 packages. It was realized to go for a bigger place where the distribution would be done with ease.

The focal persons/community elders were contacted. A huge piece of land was identified and was given to JEN free of cost. It was more than enough for JEN to distribute 200 packages to 200 Households.
The distribution went as per the agreed pattern. The community was gathered at one place, where information was shared in session with them regarding the distribution process and about the items quantity and usages.


After the session, verification of tokens and signing of distribution documents took place. At the same time the logistic unit prepared the packages. The tokens were collected and each Household was given their livestock feeding package and temporary shelter for livestock.



This is the first project started to support North Waziristan IDPs for their most important livelihood source of livestock. JEN will continue its support to these vulnerable families and to uplift their livelihoods.

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October 30, 2014 in Pakistan |