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Shelter Support for IDPs – Case Study

Mr. Abdul Wahab is 24 years old , belongs to Tappa Mermat khail , Kurram Agency FATA.  He and his family are living in UC – Shah Pur, District Kohat.  He has 07 dependents i.e. mother, father, Wife, 03 daughters and 01 son.  He is the only supporter of whole family. At origin he was working as daily wage labour and the rest of his family was working in their small agricultural land to support family.
Abdul Wahab and His family migrated from Kurram agency to Kohat due to Military operation against militants and are living with their relatives. According to his father “we left everything at our homes and everything Is destroyed at origin and Abdul Wahab got mental illness from this war. Now I am working as labour in this old age with Wahab in this situation because we have no way to support our family”.
Wahab’s family is very poor and deserving and the JEN team identified them during door-to-door registration of TDPs (Temporary Dislocated Persons/families) for JEN-ERF project in Kohat. They are living with host family and all in one small room.  They were used to live on ground due to no beds. Their family is supported by community, receiving food from WFP. The JEN team gets him registered for Shelter NFI project keeping in view their ultimate needs and provided shelter NFIs package.

According to Wahab’s Father “ No doubt that any humanitarian assistance can’t fulfill our requirements but such type of assistance/support makes our lives easy to some extent and the shelter NFI package is very useful for us”.   

Shelter is the basic and high priority need of the Displaced Peoples in Kohat, Shelter for both human’s and livestock, the government and  humanitarian organizations should work more in this sector because most of the TDPs families are living with Host families in very congested environment and are burden on host community/families.

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October 2, 2014 in Pakistan |