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Impact of JEN activities on health and hygiene of people!

JEN has been working in Parwan province since 2010 to improve the health status of the students, JEN is constructing WASH facilities in the schools by the support of JPF. Apart from that hygiene education is also an integral part of JEN’s activities. Hygiene education program is targeting students, teachers and mullahs.

Various surveys by JEN and even by some government departments show that JEN hygiene education programme has a very significant impact on the lives of the students as well as community.

Each year JEN conducts monitoring surveys in the schools to measure the impact of its hygiene education programme. This year in 2014 monitoring survey was conducted in 3 months out of 4 months.


The results of the monitoring survey are very encouraging. According to 2014 monitoring results 45.67% students have very good hygiene practices in the month of June. The ratio increased to 62.10% in august and even further increased to 64.97% in the month of October.. The survey also suggests that 18.79% students have poor hygiene practices when first monitoring survey was conducted in June. The ratio further decreased to 5.70% in august. This ratio further decreased to 4.29% in October which is a huge change. . The survey suggests that these figures will be more improved in the coming months. The biggest achievement is that there are no students in the high grades who have poor hygiene practices and habits.

Apart from that the statistical data of MoPH shows that the ratio of diarrhea in the JEN targeted areas is decreasing very sharply. MoPH data shows that the decrease ratio is more significant in the JEN targeted areas as compared to Non-targeted areas. In JEN targeted areas the diarrhea ratio decreased by 53.5% since 2009 as compared to 5.3% in the non targeted districts.The continuous decrease in diarrhea ratio suggests that hopefully this declining trend will be going on in the future. 

By observing the latest results, it can be said that after intervention of JEN, health and hygiene status of the students and communities improved a lot.



Hanief Khan,
Senior Programme Assistant,
JEN Islamabad Office.

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