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Dream Bag Distribution

JEN started the Dream Bag Project in Afghanistan by joining hands with Rissho Kosei-Kai to continue their idea of delivering presents that would help heal the wounded hearts of children. JEN has distributed some 4770 Dreams Bags this year to Afghan children’s who were suffering happy in Surkh Parsa, Shikh Ali and Bagram district in Parwan province. Dream Bags were prepared by Japanese elementary and junior high school students who put such things as school supplies, toys, and handwritten notes in handmade Dream Bags for children. Then these Dream Bags are loaded and transported to countries of distribution. JEN after receiving these Dream bags take great care that the Dream Bags were delivered with feelings of consideration, encouragement and prayers for peace to afflicted Afghani children who through wars lost their families, are sick or injured, or have been displaced from their hometowns, or having poor living conditions. Smile on the face of children receiving Dream Bags was worth seeing, it helps bring happiness and excitement to children in low-income families.
One thing I would like to share that happiness is collective. Our happiness depends on the happiness of those we are connected to. Relatedly, science shows that through practicing happiness, we make those we come into contact with happier. This extends to the 3rd degree of contact (a friend of a friend of a friend). Finding happiness is not a selfish pursuit, it is actually doing a favor to those around us. So believe me inner-happiness that comes by providing joy and excitement to needy children through Dream Bags was happiness that comes from doing none other thing.

There are two out of many interviews from the children who receives Dream Bags;

Name: Nabiullah
Age:  12 year
Class: 3rd
School: Shaheed Ali Dost High School
District: Surkh Parsa
Date of interview: September 15, 2014
Comment: It wasn’t that we weren’t informed about these bags, our teachers saying that one of organization will come and distribute you guys’ gifts.
We all were waiting to this day especially I; I had longing and was in impatience that when will I receive this gift from you.
You have made my dream true, it’s really incredible and lovely gifts for us and I promise that I will attend my school daily base and will do study hard “he said”.
Thanks a lot for this amazing gift.


Name: Zubaida
Age:  8 year
Class: 2nd
School: Fatima Zahra Girl's High School
District: Surkh Parsa
Date of interview: September 17, 2014
Comment: - I’m so pleased to see this bag; it’s a real dream bag which have dolls, tissue paper, notebook, pen, pencils, ball, pencil rubber and sharpener…etc.
I will play on these toys and will use stationary for my school purpose.
I love JEN who gave me lots of pleasure!!!
Thank you so much.

Samar Shakil Butt
Finance and Accounts Assistant
JEN Islamabad Office

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