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I am R.R.Vinothini newly appointed Admin Officer in JEN Sri Lanka Vavuniya Office. First of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Jen Sri Lanka Team to offer me the chance to work with JEN Team to support the community in the resettlement areas.

Today on the first day I am very glad to hear about JEN’s activities in Sri Lanka since 2004 by supporting the Tsunami affected areas in Southern and following that in Eastern part of Sri Lanka and further expansion of its activity in the Manic farm IDPs by providing the water supply assistance which was the precious assistance for the IDPs during that time.

Hence, I am very much proud to be a team member of JEN Sri Lanka to work with the community to enhance their life and I am happy to say that I will give my fullest support and cooperation continuously to the JEN Sri Lanka to achieve the objective of the organization.

Further I am proud to say that JEN has stamped their good name and was very much popular in the manic farm. Through all the challenges of livelihood recovery of the returnees in Northern part of Sri Lanka JEN is still behind the innocent people (IDPs) and working hand in hand with its communities. People are very happy for the timely assistance by JEN.

As a Sri Lankan I am very much thankful to JEN and people of Japan for their timely assistance for the sustainability the vulnerable people of Sri Lanka and brought the confidence by rebuilding the livelihood activities and hope that JEN will uplift the vulnerable people in Sri Lanka by expanding their activities in various part of Sri Lanka. 

I express my best wishes to JEN for the success of the future activities.

Best wishes

Admin Officer
JEN Sri Lanka

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September 11, 2014 in Sri Lanka |