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Registration of Displaced Families in Bannu, Pakistan

JEN has initiated emergency livestock support project for NWA displaced families in district Bannu.  Livestock is considered one of the major assets of the affected population. JEN has started registration in the targeted areas. During registration JEN will find out the accurate data of livestock which IDPs have brought with them.

The registration form is designed in such way that it will give information about the family, possession of livestock and types of livestock. Prevailing livestock’s diseases information and data of vaccinations received will be gathered. Availability of livestock shelter is also part of the registration form.

After getting all these information the registration form will be scrutinized and the package will be distributed among the IDPs families. The package contains two types of vaccination i.e. FMD (Food and Mouth Disease) for large animals and Enterotoxaemia for small animals. The animals will be dewormed against internal parasites. Shelter will be provided to the families to protect their livestock from extreme weather.  Food package comprise of Vanda and wheat straw will be given to the IDPs to retain health of the livestock and satisfy their hunger respectively.




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September 18, 2014 in Pakistan |