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Provision of child’s beds for Parwan 100beds Hospital and assistance to promote

The ministry of public health (MoPH) and department of public health (DoPH)have been working closely with the United Nations, USAID, other development partners and NGOs for the improvement of maternal and newborn health in Afghanistan and as you know the maternal and infant high mortality are still big challenges for Afghan population.
As a Parwan DoPH request for needed children beds and Family Planning training for the Parwan 100 beds hospital to JEN, after assessment JEN suggested this project for Kiwanis International Association to assist in this problem reduction with  Parwan 100 beds hospital, fortunately this project approved by Kiwanis International Association and JEN conducted this project in August.

As a first activity, JEN provided 3days family planning training on (16,17 and 18 of August/2014 ) for 15 selected midwives of DOPH from all 10 districts of Parwan province, this training discussed about these topics in details such as physiology and anatomy of women’s reproductive health, common family palnning method, Counseling about family planning, this training was much useful and appreciated from Parwan DOPH and participants, as a JEN protocol these 15 trained  midwives will provide same training to remaining 55 midwives and health workers in order to improve maternity and child health through conducting counseling in all hospital and health centers in Parwan provice.



Family Planning and its benefits: Family planning, by saving lives of women and children, contributes to achieving the development goals of reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and promoting empowerment of women. It also contributes to the goal of combating HIV/AIDS.
As a second activity, JEN provided and handed over 10 beds for Parwan 100 beds hospital pediatric ward on 28-Aug/2014 which was the first referral source of all 10 districts of Parwan province and it will prevent the transmission of disease between pediatric patients who were share using  an adult bed with other patients in hospital pediatric section.


On behalf of Parwan people and Parwan PHD,Dr.Qasam”Sangin” Parwan 100 beds hospital director was thankful  and much appreciated JEN national and international staff hard efforts regarding this assistance, special thanks from Kiwanis-International Association .We also received appreciation letters from the director of the hospital.

Senior Field Officer

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